How To Fix Sony VAIO Laptop Operating System not found Error

Why Operating System Not Found Error Occurs

Operating System not found” error screen on startup this error occurs when BIOS is unable to find the operating system because of interrupted power outages,Hardware errors or errors caused by configuring the BIOS manually.

You Can Fix VAIO Laptop Operating System not found Error By:

1. First you have to remove any other devices that you have connected to the laptop

2. Now restart the computer when the VAIO logo appears press F2 key

3. Now it opens BIOS setup screen appears you have to press the right arrow key (->) to select Exit menu section

4. Now by pressing down arrow key select Get Default Values 

5. Click on it and press Enter at “Load Optimized Defaults”

6. By using arrow key select select Yes In the Load Optimized Defaults and then press Enter

7. Now Exit by using arrow keys (Save Configuration) and press Enter

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