How To Fix Samsung Smart TV Wifi Connected But No Internet Connection

You can Fix Samsung Smart Tv WiFi Connected,But no Internet Connection Access By going into smart tv Settings>Additional Settings>Device Preferences>Date&time>Automatic Date&time>Use Network Provided time.

You can fix the issue by clicking on settings of your Samsung Smart Tv after clicking at bottom of settings you see Additional Settings click on additional settings and now click on Device Preferences in device preferences settings menu at the top second you will see Date & Time you have to go to the setting  Automatic date & time where it is in turned Off mode Now select it to Use Network Provided time.

Now restart Samsung Smart Tv it will fix your Samsung Smart Tv WiFi connected,but no Internet Connection Access problem will be fixed and you can play YouTube, Netflix,hotstar…etc you never face any problem and it will fix 100% your problem

How To Fix WiFi Connected But,No internet Connection Access when your Samsung Smart Tv connected to the Mobile Hotspot

You can fix this issue by going to your Samsung Smart Tv Settings>WiFi>Data Saver>Off

On default if your Samsung Smart Tv connected to any of the mobile hotspot samsung smart tv set limit to at an particular mobile data usage after usage of that limit data your Samsung Smart Tv shows no internet but connected to wifi

So you can fix this issue by going to Samsung Smart Tv settings then open WiFi setting and there you find Data Saver option where it is in ‘On’ and with an data alerts of particular mb like 100 200 …etc 

It means if data saver is in turned on and alert to 200mb usage then after usage of 200mb by your Samsung smart tv it will stop receiving data

So we have to turn Off Data Saver on your Samsung smart tv and also turn off data alerts this can gives your Samsung smart tv full permission and access to use data without any interuption 

This is the most common issue facing by every Samsung Smart Tv user and here’s the best way to fix this problem

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Guide to Fix Samsung Smart Tv Neo QLED 8K,Neo QLED,QLED 4K,Crystal 4K UHD,FHD/HD Smart TVs wifi connected but no internet access

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