How To Fix Playstation 4 Error CE-35340-5

The Playstation 4  CE-35340-5 comes while you playing game or trying to connect the PSN

Many gamers of Playstation 4  facing this error suddenly popup on the screen while playing game or connecting to playstation network server

You Can Fix Playstation 4  Error WS-43860-1 By

1. Restart Playstation 4 

In most of the cases the PS4 CE-35340-5 was due to the improper connection with playstation server this may cause due to bugs or server issue so you can fix the CE-35340-5 by simply restart your PS4 this makes to fix the bug that causing network error and fix the PS4 CE-35340-5

2. Change PS4 DNS Settings

To fix PS4 error ws-43860-1 go to WIFI NETWORK you connected on your PS4 then go to ADVANCED SETTINGS there you can see the DNS SETTINGS change the DNS settings to manual this allows  you to change DNS

Now you have to change the PRIMARY DNS to point and SECONDARY DNS to point this will make you to give the better connection with playstation server and fix the PS4 CE-35340-5

Keep in mind that the above DNS pointing will works only within the US if you are from other countries try to check the best DNS pointing in internet to get better playstation server connection

3. Switch To LAN

The PS4 CE-35340-5 will also comes up due to slow internet connection if you are using WIFI try once to change from WIFI to LAN this can fix the CE-35340-5 cause changing to LAN from WIFI can give you the maximum internet speed

4. Turn Off Router For 1 Minute

In some cases the PS4 CE-35340-5 comes due to the problem within the router itself so you have to turn your router off and unplug router for 1 minute and then plug in again this can mae the router to work properly and fix the PS4 CE-35340-5

5. PSN Status

The Playstation 4  CE-35340-5 occurs due to the server down within the PSN itself to cofirm the network status  you have to test the internet connection in your Playstation 4  and we have to wait till the servers are online to fix the PS4 CE-35340-5

6. Change WIFI Freqency Bands

Try to change your WIFI frequency band in your Playstation 4  from automatic to 5 gigahertz or 2.5 gigahertz check with both bands and it will fix the Playstation 4  CE-35340-5 .

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