How To Fix Lenovo Laptop Keyboard/Some Keys Not Working

Here is the best helpful detailed guide to Fix Lenovo Laptop Keyboard not Working or Some keys not working 

You Can Fix Lenovo Laptop Keyboard/Some keys not Working By:

1. Update Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Driver

This is the major cause for your Lenovo laptop keyboard not Working Properly

Method 1

To fix Lenovo Laptop keyboard not working first go to start menu then and now click on device manager

It will takes you to new window where you can see drivers like audio inputs, Bluetooth, camera…..etc 

In there find keyboards and click on it then it shows below your Lenovo Laptop keyboard driver 

Right click on it and it shows options like Driver update,Device uninstall,Scan for Hardware change

Now select driver update also make sure you have good internet connection select search automatically from online>click on it,It takes some time to update driver automatically after it finished restart your laptop it will fix Lenovo Laptop wifi connected but, no internet access

Method 2 

If after searching for updates online and it says you already installed latest drivers then now click driver update now 

Select “Browse my computer for software driver” 

Now click let me pick from a list available drivers

It will shows the all keyboard drivers that present now select best driver and click “Next” now it automatically install and then restarting your laptop will fix Lenovo laptop keyboard not Working Properly

Method 3

You can also try uninstalling the Lenovo laptop keyboard driver and restarting the laptop it will reinstall automatically from online itself and fix Lenovo Laptop WiFi Connected but, no internet access

To do this go to device manager then click keyboards now right click on keyboard driver click uninstall device and Restart your Lenovo laptop 

Make sure while doing this you have good internet connection speed after restarting your Lenovo laptop it will automatically install suitable keyboard driver and your Lenovo laptop keyboard not Working Properly problem will be fixed and also fix if any keys in your keyboard not responding or not working

2. Reboot your Laptop

A simple reboot can fixes many problems if your laptop recently had any update finished or it’s using any outed drivers in your laptop and recently they updated but not installed properly 

So you have to reboot your laptop after rebooting it will automatically update of old drivers and also install the finished updated completely in your Lenovo laptop

By doing this will fix Lenovo laptop keyboard not Working Properly problem

3. Clean keyboard with Gel/USB vaccum cleaner

Everyone neglects cleaning their keyboard even after sometimes mistakenly water,cooldrink or any kind of liquids falls into keyboard and they neglect 

Due to dust and any liquid that passes through keyboard they get stuck and make keyboard unresponsive while typing

To fix this we have to clean our keyboard with cleaning gels or usb vacuum cleaner to prevent dust stucked of your keyboard,this helps to fix Lenovo laptop keyboard not Working Properly problem

4.  Changing the value of i8042prt

Step 1

Go to start menu and now open settings there find “Ease of action” and open there you can see options in interaction menu find keyboard 

On the right side you see turn on the screen keyboard it is off so turn it on now you can see the virtual keyboard that appears on your Lenovo laptop screen

You can also open the screen keyboard directly by command press ctrl+r it opens run command there you can type ‘isk’ and run the command it will opens screen keyboard,you can do this if you were facing only some keys not working 

Step 2

Now right click on Start menu and open run on run box type “Regedit” and run command using on screen keyboard

Now it will open Registry edit window there you can see some settings you have to go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and expand 

Go to “System” expand the system setting and go to “CurrentControlSet” go to “Services”


Now locate key name i8042prt and expand it there you can see “Start” in right side click on it and edit its value to 1 and save

Now close all the windows and restart your Lenovo laptop it will fix your Lenovo Laptop Keyboard not Working Properly problem and also fix if your keyboard some keys were unresponsive or not working problem 

5. Run Keyboard Troubleshoot

Some members while updating their Keyboard Driver it will not show any driver in search,this means there’s no driver present in your windows for your keyboard which causes the unresponsive function of Lenovo laptop Keyboard and not working properly you can fix this by troubleshooting

To do this go to start menu and open settings and then go to ‘Update & Security’ there you can  find Troubleshooting

Click on troubleshoot and select Keyboard then run the troubleshoot it takes sometime to finish troubleshoot and it will restart your laptop 

By doing this will fix your Lenovo laptop keyboard not Working Properly problem it also fix if some keys in your keyboard not responding or not working

6. Fix Hardware Problems

Hardware problems also responsible for causing keyboard issues if anything that damaged it’s shows effect on keyboard

In case the battery of your laptop may also cause Lenovo laptop keypad Unresponsive problem to fix this if your laptop has removable battery then try to remove and connect your laptop with charger and try to operate your keyboard 

If it working perfectly with no issues then you know it’s problem with your laptop battery

After using some time without battery reconnect your batter and now turn on your laptop it will fix your Lenovo laptop keyboard not Working Properly problem

7. Cleaning Keyboard Cable For better signalling

Even after following above things and you still facing keyboard not working problems or some keys in Lenovo laptop keyboard not working it’s due to unresponsive signals from keyboard or not signal from keyboard is stopping due to dust/carbon

Now clean up your keypad cable which is connected internally to board,open the Lenovo laptop keyboard and then Carefully remove the Keyboard Cable that attached to internal board 

Clean it with either petrol,diesel or cleaner and carefully replace it in their representative socs,

By doing this it will fix if you were facing any problems in sudden with some keys stopped working and it also fix if some keys in your keyboard not responding or not working 

8. Replacing your Laptop Keyboard

After cleaning your keyboard even if you facing the same issue them you have to know that your keyboard is damaged,go to near best laptop service centre and replace it with available best keyboard

You can also order the best high quality Keyboards Online by knowing your Lenovo laptop model number and Keyboard model  number and manually replace

You can do it easily if you know basic work how to replace laptop keyboard with suitable equipment

9. Replacing Defective Keyboard

Many of the people faces Keyboard issues after replacing it with new Lenovo laptop Keyboard

The problem is caused due to defective keyboard or not matching Keyboard product of your  latitude laptop

So always make sure to buy best original quality Keyboard which is suitable for your laptop to fix Lenovo laptop laptop keyboard not Working Properly problem it also fix if some keys in your keyboard not responding or not working

Keep in mind there are many reasons that happens to your keyboard not Working Properly to fix them we have to first check one by one and find what’s the reason behind it and fix them

It’s better to try all these simple things to fix Lenovo laptop keyboard not working problem before giving to service centre to repair 

I have seen many people who using Lenovo laptop facing keyboard issues due reasons like above one of them and they gives to service centre and waste their lot of money on them

You also have to keep in mind giving to service centre at local damage your warranty of it is in period and you may not claim warranty once your laptop repaired by someone at your near centre

Here in this article you have learnt the solutions how to fixing Lenovo laptop keyboard not Working Properly or unresponsive keyboard

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them on below comment section

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