5 Best Alternatives To Windows 10 For Gaming And Performance.

I’m going to guide you to the best alternative to Windows 10 for gaming if your windows 10 is too slow to start 

These are the 5 best custom Windows 10 OS for gaming and performance


These 5 OS are totally easy to download and install and these are completely made for gaming and performance

1. Nexus Lite OS 10

Nexus lite OS 10 is based on Windows 10 tweaked addition especially to improve gaming performance and low-end PCs

This build is based on ltse 1809 feature of this OS Idle RAM usage 450 MB only 

Tweaks for gaming driver booster, removed /disabled features windows update, Windows Defender, simple Network management protocol

2. Windows 10 Rog Ultimate 

In Windows 10 Rog republic of gamers is the most popular desktop operating system 

Today running more than a billion active. Moreover it comes with new and impressive themes that enhance the user experience and makes it more appealing

It also comes up with Microsoft Office. 2019 so to handle all the documents without any third party program 

It is an impressive operating system with a variety of powerful features that enhances the usability factor as well as provides a complete package to fulfill all the user needs

Numerous additional tools and other applications allow the users to get a better experience all in a nutshell

It is a reliable operating system with a completely new look and feels as well as a variety of applications and Microsoft Office 2019

3. Ghost Spectre OS

Ghost Spectre OS Windows 10 super Lite is the modded version of the original Windows

Modded only doesn’t refer to extra features but also trunkated useful features for a normal user

A group of developers is publishing a number of mods of Windows 10 without a ton of unnecessary features which was taking up extra memory as well as space making low-end PCS not run properly 

Features are Privacy optimizations and performance mode optimized page file / Services

It support uwp games /uwp app ghost custom bootable with more features Ghostfull dark themes

4. Revison OS

Revison OS aspires to recreate what Windows as an operating system should have been easy and simple 

With the main audience being Gamers,power users and enthusiasts We understand that performance speed and low latency are obligatory which is why a great effort has been invested into making Revision OS as a capable efficient yet private operating system being naturally lite on resources, footprint and size

It also comes in as a great fit for low-end systems performance

Revision OS attempts to speed up the system by eliminating redundant tasks and services running in the background without sacrificing on stability, privacy, Microsoft’s Windows

Operating system is Infamous for its privacy intrusive behavior towards consumers which is why Revision OS takes the Privacy aspect in too serious account stability based on a multi-layered approach securing retained and comprehensive stability

5.Atlas OS

Atlas OS is the fastest Windows version for gamers with high frame rates with no loss to input or system latency

Atlas OS is designed for casual gamers and for the Esports industry  

Atlas OS reduce stress on your CPU while Lowering system latency memory,Efficient minimizing memory, hogging processes and disabling useless Services 

More storage having a small install size you don’t have to worry about Windows spying on you

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